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Greece, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Taiwan, Finland, Egypt & Cyprus are some of the countries the brothers have had the privilege to travel and live in. You would think they have similar views... 

One determined the Golden Child, the other the Mascot ...you do the math :)

Mr Chakkos and Mr Coco were born only 18 months apart yet, seeing them or hearing them speak you would think that one is is in his late 50's and the other only recently turned 10...the immense love between them allows to continuously throw jabs at each other which often turn into tears of laughter.

"I've always dabbled with the arts & music, with a brief stint as a DJ under the moniker of DJ Ninus, with a childhood dream to work as a Radio DJ. "

Mr Chakkos

"For years my dream had to be left in the closet either because too expensive, fatherhood  or simply because the pieces of the puzzle had not been put together correctly"

Mr Chakkos

"I had nothing else to do because I lack imagination and creativity, but I have a pretty face and won't back down from a challenge especially if it makes no sense"

Mr Cocco